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Краткие технические характеристики
Интеллектуальный контроллер NGP-2220 компании Lenel Systems предназначен для интеграции сервера системы контроля и управления доступом (СКУД) со считывателями карт доступа, модулями охранных датчиков и исполнительными устройствами.
Подробное описание
Особенности и функциональность
16 Pre-Defined Intrusion Point Types (Entry/Exit, Route, Perimeter, Hold-Up, etc.)
Priority Area Arming/Disarming
Common Area Arming/Disarming
Schedule-based Arming
Two Stage Auto Arming
False Alarm Prevention Processing
Pre-processing /Transmission Delay
Bypass/Isolate/Restore Support
Invalid User Code Lockout
Fail to Close Alarm
Work Late’ Schedule extensions by profile
‘Walk Test’ – Installation Mode

Особенности и мощности

Supports up to 250,000 Cardholders (Badges)
Support for 1000 Permission Profiles (Authorities)
Support for 130 Areas (Intrusion and Anti-passback)
512 Input Points / 256 Output Points
50,000 Event Buffer (battery backed non-volatile memory)
Support for 66 Doors (In/Out Readers for Each Door)
Support for up to 32,000 Access Levels (Up to 128 per badge)
255 Holidays with grouping, 250 Timezones (6 Intervals each)
Card Format Support (Magnetic, Weigand, Smart Card) up to 245 bits
Line (Circuit) Supervision (EOL) 4-State
On-Board Network (10/100) Communications to Host
Dual Path Reporting Capable to Monitoring and Central Station
AES 128 Bit Encryption – Host to Panel
Local and Remote Diagnostics
Onboard Power Support
Flash Updatable Firmware
On-Board Flash and Battery-backed RAM
Advanced Power Management

Особенности и функциональность - контроль доступа

Local Input / Output Support
Extended (ADA) Strike and Held Open Timings
Basic and Anti-Passback Based Area Counting
Maximum and Minimum (Two-Man) Occupancy Rules
Pending First User (First Card Unlock) Support
Local Anti-Passback (Hard, Soft, and Timed Area) Reader Interface Functionality
Supports Wiegand Data1/Data0 and Magnetic Clock/Data readers and keypads (4/8 bit)
2 Form-C relay outputs, 5 A @ 24 VDC / 2 Form-A relay outputs 1A @ 24VDC
Door contact, REX/RTE push-button, and Reader tamper, (open/closed) for each door
Strike relay and auxiliary input/output for each door
Bicolor reader status LED support plus beeper control, or 2-wire LED support


Global Input / Output Support
Multi-Tenant Functions (Segmentation)
Pin Code Options
Event/Action Scheduling
Video Integration with Access Control and Intrusion
Video Linked to Events
E-mail Alerts
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