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Technologies of personnel department and HR (HR Staff record management) (AT301HR)
HR   Objective: maintenance of the personnel documentation in accordance with the Labor Code
The result of the training: correct documentation

Training Program:

  • Primary intents and problems of personnel management in enterprise.
  • Organizing activities of personnel department. Requirements for organizations.
  • New requirements for Staff records management, provided by RoK TC, because of obligatoriness documentation of the personnel development.
  • Structure and types documents for personnel department.
  • The basic requirements for preparation of human resources documentation.
  • Attachment documents legal validity. Delegation of authority by issuing and subscription. Common Mistakes in documents execution. Registration of documents.
  • Local normative acts.
  • Obligatory and optional local normative acts, their obligatoriness for employee organozations
  • Inspection of documents presented by employment.
  • Questioned document examination.
  • Letter of renunciation in employment: obligation of drafting, satisfactory form, cassation at court.
  • Familiarization with local normative acts.
  • Documentation of procedures for the actual admission to the work.
  • Execution condition of the test with an actual admission to the work.
  • Hiring procedure. Labor book: the rules of maintenance, common mistakes in appearance their correction.
  • Transfer to another job. Temporary and permanent transfer, procedural formalizes. Appearance assignation of the subsidiary duty on worker, secondary job.
  • Dismissal.
  • Direction of employees on business trip.
  • Change of form - biographical data.
  • Encouraging and awarding employees.
  • Documents - a basis for delivery penalty.
  • Employees formal evaluation.
  • Dismissal of employees.
  • An interview with the candidate for the vacant position to employment (practical task).
  • Nomenclature of affairs of the personnel department. Formation of documents in proceedings’.
  • Preparation of documents for archival storage.
  • Disposal procedure of documents with expired period of keeping.
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