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Successful manager: occupational skills of an executive (AT204EX)
успешный руководитель    

Purpose: Skills of organizing and controlling work process.
The result of the training: Absents of faulty operation.
Form of realization: Lecture, with video materials, gaming exercises

Training Program:

1. Personnel management strategy: the life cycle of organization, correlation targets in organization; system diagnosis of personnel management, organizational pathology.

2. Theory and practice of leadership

The problem of leadership in modern management.
Leadership constitutes.
Leadership "engine".

3. Practical efficiently of a manager.
Interpersonal communication in management.
Telephone conversation. Meeting.
Negotiation: Strategies, dilemmas and function of the negotiation process; negotiation model; negotiations outcome analysis.
Communications in organizational context.

4. Management decision making machinery.
Main stages of management decision making.
Psychological problems of decision making.
Types of managerial decisions.

5. Team: principle and stages of construction.
Advantages and limitations command activity.
Stages of team construction.

6. SWOT - analysis.

7. GROW model.

8. Stress and emotional state control
: emotional state control method, regulation o
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