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Time Management (AT102BS)

Purpose: Planning labor time
Result of training: personal leadership
Form of realization: Lecture, with application of video materials, gaming exercises

1. The nature of time.
Time types. Organization Life Cycle and services. Individual time fund, its structure, found of organization time. Factors for lost time. Reasons of ineffective time management.
Effective time management. Methods, techniques and technology of self-organization.

2. Time - a resource and target

Absorbers time. Staging own system of time management. Statement system of time management in unit.

3. Inventory and analysis of time
Basic methods of inventory personal and organizational time. Inventory and analysis time algorithm. Analysis of the interference (in-depth analysis of trifling).

4. Definition of objectives, planning, time usage.
Organizational objectives and individual objectives. Definition of objectives and staging process of pursuing objectives (Algorithms and Methods). Principles and rules, methods of planning.

5. Decision-making and control
Types of decisions. Types of control.

6. Methods of improving personal performance.
Strategic Leadership algorithm. Rules of effective delegation. Business communication and principles of business communications. Planning, preparation and rules for conducting meetings.

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